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      Is Your Jewelry Real?



      We only sell solid 925 sterling silver & solid 10k/14k gold jewelry.

      We believe that jewelry is an investment not only a fashion item! Silver & gold are precious metals because they do not change color or or irritate the skin. These metals have been used to make jewelry for thousands of years! These commodities only appreciate in value over time and in times of need can be sold or traded! Stainless steel and brass while can be flashy is worthless and will turn green or dull in a matter of weeks or months!


      I bought a silver piece but its becoming dark, what can I do?

      All natural silver oxidizes with time! The good news is that you can use a silver polish or baking soda to clean your piece and it will look like brand new again. This is NOT permanent and simply means its time to clean your piece!

      If you want something that requires less maintenance please purchase a gold or rhodium plated piece or a solid gold item!


      How long does your gold plating last? 

      We use the highest level of gold plating available on the market today! We do not lie and say our items are gold bonded or gold filled! 99% of companies advertising gold filled items online are lying as gold filled items are more similar in price to solid gold than silver.

      Our gold plated items last between a MINIMUM of 2 years. Many of our customers have chains that they bought 3-4 years ago looking like new!

      The good news is even if the gold plating wears off after a few years you are still holding a precious metal...silver! You can simply get it replated at any jeweler for $10-20.


      Whats the return policy? 

      We offer a full 30 day refund if you are not satisfied with your jewelry for any reason. So buy a piece, wear it to the party or go swimming at the pool with it...it wont change color; but if it does you always have the peace of mind knowing we got you covered!


      What payment types do you accept?

      We accept Paypal! If you don't have Paypal you can always pay with debit or credit card by checking out as a "guest" through Paypal!


      How much is shipping?

      We offer 3 shipping choices in USA:

      First Class ($3) - 3-5 Day Delivery

      Priority Mail ($7) - 2-3 Day Delivery

      Overnight ($20) - 1 Day Delivery


      International Shipping is based on your destination and is calculated at checkout.



      How long is handling time?

      All packages are dispatched within 1 day!


      Do you offer local pickup?

      We do not offer local pick up


      Do you guys sell wholesale?

      We sell wholesale so please contact us for further details.


      How can we contact you?

      Please email us at italianosilverinc@gmail.com or call us at 718-309-0291. We usually respond within 4 hours to all email inquiries!